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Petros Haile

Program TitleMeadi Zete - Eritrean Affairs Program

Language: Eritrean Language: Tigrinya and Arabic

Description of the ProgramMeadi  Zete in Minnesota is open and available to serve all Eritreans who wish to express his/her opinion. Meadi Zete Eritrea has no political affiliation, and it is inclusive to all associations, individuals and will facilitate discussions on any topics concerning the Eritrean community in Minnesota and abroad.

Host CredentialsServed as community organizer and project coordinator for over thirty years, and participated in more than 25 projects directly related to the African communities. Some of them has direct relevance to this particular program I am engaged with … Some of the projects I was involved: One of the founder of the Eritrean Community In Minnesota from 1986 - 1990; … Water for Life - A campaign to purchase a water drilling machine; …  Books For Eritrea - work with “Books For Africa” organization to ship two container of books; … Eritrean Constitution Branch In Mn - active participant and contributor; … Eritrean News Development and Information Center (ENDIC) - a peace campaign to stop the Ethio-Eritrean war of 1998 - 2000; ... Eritrean Television Broadcast In Minnesota - served as a host for the local Eritrean community at MTN from 1997 - 1998; and served with many other projects that most of them I initiated ...   

Target: To all Eritreans ! Primarily to our local communities who resides in Minnesota, but it is also designed to serve Eritreans throughout the world.

Program Air Time:  Every Wednesday from 8 PM - 9 PM Central Time

Host Emailmeadizete@gmail.com

Host telephone:  612 432 5932

Host Name Petros Haile


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